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For several years, the Winner Company, located in Belgium, is putting its heart and soul in the concept and the development of a two seat, experimental helicopter with a teetering rotor system: available as ready-to-fly or as a homebuilt kit.

Evolution of the project

Winner M500 Winner B150 Winner T250
2000 - 2005 2007 - 2015 2015 - 2018
HIRTH 3701 2 stroke engine Solar T62T-32 turbine PBS TS100 turbine
CNRA certification in France ; not marketed Not marketed prototype (turbine no longer sold) Final model ; CNSK certification ; 2018 commercialization °°°
Single seat two blades Two seats two blades Two seats three blades
MTOW 450 kg MTOW 700 kg MTOW see main features

°°° real photographs and movies available in march 2019

Outcome of the project

Main Features of the Winner T250

The Winner T250 has a type CNSK certification (France) equivalent to a "CDNR" type certification (restricted certificate of airworthiness). In other words, CNSK is a mixture of both "CS-VLR" and "CS-27".

In France, this certification imposes the take-off load not to exceed 700 kg, in the UK and Canada 750kg, and 1200kg maximum in other countries according to their national flight regulations. A private pilot license "PPLH" is required.

In France, when the helicopter is maintained by an approved organization or by an authorized person with appropriate means and experience, it allows the approved training of private pilots (PPLH) and professional pilots (CPLH). This usage is why this helicopter was designed mainly.

Other uses are possible if the country's regulations allow it. This includes, for example, lifting or transporting loads (max. 350 kg), pipeline monitoring work, electrical networks, borders, etc.

It can be delivered as a kit or ready to fly.

The Winner T250 is designed for two seats (driver + passenger). The T250 has a 3 blades rotor of type bearing-less design (laminated steel torsion bar) with a nominal speed of 523 rpm.

The Winner T250 is powered by a turbine of 250 hp restricted to 200 hp. Depending on its use in certain regions of the globe where altitude, temperatures or humidity are very high, the value of the power may be increased at the express request of the customer according to his wishes if the country's regulations authorize it.

The fuselage is made entirely of vinylester and fiberglass except for the tail boom of carbon fiber and epoxy.

The chassis is made of aeronautical steel type 25CD4S and heat treated to release the tensions at the welds.

The landing gear legs are made of titanium. Most of the machined parts are made of aviation-type 7075 aluminium.

The main rotor blades and the 2 blades anti-torque rotor (3,237 rpm) are made of carbon fiber and are not limited in time. Their leading edges are covered with an impact protection.

The main transmission is done by means of 6 V-belts while the anti-torque rotor is driven by a transmission shaft connected to the input of the main gearbox.

Like any helicopter, a freewheel is present between the turbine and the rest of the transmission.

The flight instrumentation is analog (variometer, anemometer, altimeter, compass). The turbine instrumentation is digital (EGT, Torquemeter, dual tachometer, fuel level, oil and fuel pressure).

The navigation lights and the landing light are standard.

Advantages and qualities recognized in the Winner T250

Options (price on request)


The TS100 turbine from the PBS company is a small turboshaft composed of two modules: a gas generator and a free turbine (no need for clutch) with a reduction gearbox. This turbine is equipped with an autonomous oil system, an electric starter generator, a digital control unit, a fuel system and a low voltage ignition source.

Technical characteristics

Main dimensions
Total overall length 8,88 m
Total height 2,68 m
Main rotor diameter 7,74 m
Main rotor chord 0,18 m
Anti-torque rotor diameter 1,10 m
Anti-torque rotor chord 0,10 m
Skids width 1,99 m
Interior cabin width 1,28 m
Main rotor direction seen from above right
Anti-torque rotor direction seen from the left right

Weight and capacities
Maximum take-off weight 700 kg (France)
750 kg (UK & Canada)
1200 kg max °°°
Empty weight 420 kg
Fuel tank capacity 190 L
Example loading n°1
No luggage
Pilot + passenger 150 kg
Fuel: 150 L
Example loading n°2
Luggage 41 kg
Pilot 75 kg
Fuel: 190 L
Example loading n°3
Luggage 20 kg
Pilot + passenger 150 kg
Fuel: 130 L
Example loading n°4
Load transport 350 kg
Pilot 75 kg
Fuel: 190 L °°°

°°° other countries

Maximum speed never to exceed 192 km/h
Cruise speed 160 km/h
Maximum climb rate 6 m/s
Fuel consumption 50 l/h
Fuel range 3h
Maximum power 250 hp
Ceiling service 6000 m
Auto rotation 5 m/s


Price - On demand On demand
- - -
Packaging 1500 € 1000 €
Container On demand On demand


Warning, prices don't include shipping costs, taxes, insurance and other costs. Technical data and prices may be adjusted at any time and are given informatively.



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